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TransaXional® – Business Process Classes

The Shainin business process problem solving methodology has been successfully applied across a wide range of industries since 2003. Here is a sample of the functional areas in which it has been applied:

Product Development Quoting / Estimating
System Validation Finance
Logistics Accounting
Production Material Control Purchasing
Information Technology Personnel
SAP Implementation Service Operations
Quality Systems Prototype Operations
Engineering Systems Manufacturing Operations

Here is a short list of sample projects which we have applied the Shainin TransaXional® process:

  • Development of standard work for Quality System requirements
  • Reduction in inventory discrepancies
  • Reduction in Spam and Junk e-mails not flagged
  • Freight/shipping cost optimization
  • Streamlining HR systems
  • Warranty NTF reduction
  • Streamline new employee onboarding process
  • Optimize utilization of heavy equipment
  • Improve accuracy and timing of compliance reporting
  • Reduction in hospital wait times
  • Prototype part lead time reduction

TransaXional® Problem Solving: Apprentice

Students learn strategies and techniques for finding the hidden causes that are keeping their business processes from performing properly. Ideal projects for this level are processes involving a: logistics, material control, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing operations, and human resources. Students will learn to create functions models that will allow them to talk to the occurrences. From there students will understand and rank failures in the business process to identify and implement corrective actions. Finally, students learn to document savings and leverage the profound knowledge gained by revealing unknown failures in complex business processes.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn TransaXional® problem solving principles and concepts.
  • Understand the DETAIL problem solving process.
  • Define project scope using a Problem Definition Tree.
  • Develop Function Models.
  • Talk to the Occurrences.
  • Assign priority to critical functions.
  • Identify and define focused activities to drive improvement.
  • Leverage the results across the organization.

Prerequisites: None

This class is offered as either a client sponsored class or a Shainin sponsored class. Client sponsored classes, held at the client site, provide an opportunity for discussions focused on the client’s products and technologies. Shainin sponsored classes, held at a central location, provide an opportunity to network and compare notes with problem solvers from other industries.

The following are scheduled Shainin sponsored classes:

Currently, no class is scheduled, please contact us to be informed when a class will be offered.

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